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Corporate Art Collection Rosetti Firmenich Art Advisory
corporate collection Rosetti Firmenich Art Advisory

A corporate art collection should respond to the brand, principles and context of a company, as well as present promising long-term value.


With over 10 years' experience providing trusted advice for investment-worthy art collections, we develop strategies for corporate art collections and offer ongoing collection management for international clients. As trusted art consultants for private collections, ​we have built a strong reputation for delivering returns on investments.



We review in detail the client's vision for the corporate art and creatively develop an art strategy that responds to the corporate brand.


As well as supplying fine artworks for corporate environments, we source and commission contemporary artists to create bespoke new artworks that respond to the context and company brand and identity. Using art market insight, we recommend collectible art for varied budgets – both renowned contemporary artists and emerging talent with promising investment value. The artworks express integrity through the craftsmanship of heritage and stand the test of time as an investment.


Overseeing all logistics, we ensure that delivery and installation are effectively handled and that artworks are curated in situ. 


"Responding to the company’s corporate identity, we oversee the art commissioning process, developing the concept and ensuring that the corporate art meets the client's ambitions."

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