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Yachts Rosetti Firmenich Art Advisory
Yachts Rosetti Firmenich Art Advisory

Every guest walks into a hotel expecting nothing less than a memorable experience. Displaying distinctive art in a hotel can be an important factor in helping to differentiate the property, thereby conveying the hotel with a unique identity, and brand values as well as elevating the experience of their guests. We work closely with hotels to assist them in using art to create memorable spaces which appeal to an increasingly sophisticated clientele.



We assist in every aspect of the art purchase and manage the entire artwork project from conception through to installation, advising on creative direction and artwork concepts.


From large-scale custom installations to detailed multi-room packages, our scope of services is tailored to each project and includes:

  • Consultation & project management

  • Site evaluation & contextual art research

  • Floor plans analysis & boards

  • Budget formulation

  • Concept development & curation

  • Art selection

  • Logistics & installation


'We offer creative and bespoke art solutions that convey brand values and visual narrative. Each project has a unique context, design scheme and brand principles for a coherent hotel art collection.'

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